Payment Methods

1 Paypal
Paypay account: xxxxxxxxx 
After you place an order on our site ,we can talk about the shipping fee. It depends on the weight of your goods and the delivery method.


2 Western union
First Name: xxxxxxxxx
Last Name: xxxxxxxxx
TEL: xxxxxxxxxxx
Add: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Post Code: xxxxxx

PLS Kindly advise us your MTCN# After U transfer the money, and don't assign us to accept the Chinese currency because of the different changeable rate in the different countries.

3 MoneyGram

Beneficiary Name
First name: xxxxxxxx
Last name: xxxxxxxx
ID card number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Post code: (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Any more questions, please feel free to contact us via email and we will respond to you very soon. 

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